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Friday, 27 May 2016

Help is at hand

Most of us find it hard to ask for help.

When I was 7 or 8, my family was on holiday in the mountains. We went to an outdoor swimming pool where my sister and I swam, while our parents sat in the bleachers waiting for us.

I am not confident in the water, and out of my depth, I thought I was in trouble. But I never liked to call attention to myself, so as I flailed around desperately I timidly whispered, 'help, help'. It was loud enough to get my dad moving down towards the pool but before he got there my big sis had hauled me the couple of feet over to the side, where I hung on gratefully.

Walking each other home. Most of us don't like asking for help, but we all need it from time to time. That is what I love about this phrase...its reciprocity of meaning. We all need each other's help.

I didn't want the whole poolside spectators to focus in on me, so I whispered. My dad heard, and so did my sister.

God the Father hears our every silent cry, never mind the whispered ones. And he puts someone near enough to pull us into safety, though we have to be willing to whisper our need for them to hear.
He also gives us his Holy Spirit, who is the one entrusted to walk us all to our permanent home in Jesus.

Help is closer than you think, and you don't need to broadcast your need for the Father to hear. He had numbered every hair on your head (admittedly, easier on some heads than others, but you get the point!)

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