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Wednesday, 25 May 2016


As I stood in the prayer window and had a general moan at God this morning, I suddenly noticed the delightful antics of one of the swallows which has returned to our barn for nesting again this year. He swooped, soaring and dipping and then circling back, a dancer in the air. I know nothing about birds really but assume that area must have offered an early breakfast of bugs. 

Whatever he was doing, it was a pleasure to watch and made me smile and then laugh out loud as he dipped and dived and swirled, just above the field of grass. Joy. Pure joy. I have the same temporary suspension of serious thought when spending time with Felicity. 

Perhaps it’s an apparent sense of unfettered freedom to enjoy the moment which is so attractive. An ignorance of all that would weigh me down with burdens I wasn’t designed to carry.  Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. Christ has set us free. He has removed the veil from our hearts and is transforming us into his likeness. 

So I won’t lose heart today. Whenever I find myself reaching for that baggage that bends my back, I will remember the swallow this morning. He couldn’t perform such a joyful aerial dance if he were encumbered by anything. I want to spiritually dance today, unencumbered and free. With unveiled understanding, God’s glory may be more clearly seen by others.

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