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Monday, 16 May 2016

Monday Morning

Monday morning. The start of a new working week. I’ve just heard of a new baby girl born into the wider family last night. The start of a new and precious life. Welcome to the world, Baby Mathieson!

Spring is the season of new life. We see it all around, in the lambs gambolling (not gambling!!) in the fields, in the budding on the apple trees and the flowering of the cherries. But new life isn’t restricted to springtime. We have babies incubating in precious mums we know, waiting for their moment of birth in late summer, autumn and winter. 

New spiritual life isn’t restricted to seasons either. My new life, being filled with the Holy Spirit and set on fire for God, did in fact occur just after Easter thirty-seven years ago, but my spirit had been incubating within the Father’s heart forever. 

God loved the world so much – not just a chosen few but the whole world, every individual – that he sent his most precious and only Son Jesus to bring them home to him. Home into the crucible of Love. Love that never gives up on anyone, no matter what’s going on in their lives right now. 

At the start of this new week I remember that and challenge myself not to write anyone off but to look deeper and prayerfully seek to draw out the gold in the lives of everyone I meet today, tomorrow, from now on.

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