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Thursday, 30 June 2016


I started pulling out the paraphernalia for the 4th of July last night. An odd assortment of flags and napkins, a few paper plates and some lovely placemats an uncle brought over a few years ago. Time for the annual BBQ – for that read ‘rainstorm is probable on Sunday’. 

It seems slightly awkward to be celebrating America’s Independence Day when there is so much being spoken of here re independence in one way and another. A hot topic full of political innuendos and assumptions.

Strikes me how interdependent we all are, whether in a formal or informal relationship. And how elusive and even deceptive independence can be in human terms. Teenagers long to express their individuality through their attire, but often present themselves as clones of one another. Independence to make decisions can seem so attractive but sometimes it’s not as great as it might appear. We need each other’s wisdom and perspective. We need each other’s love and advice. We need the safety net of family and friends. 

Jesus knew that as human beings we are better when we support one another. That is what church is all about, supporting each other while led by the Head.

Jesus is the only one in whom we can find true freedom. In him there is no pretence, no deception, no pride and jockeying for place. 

Christ has set us free from the chains of sin through his amazing grace. That is real freedom. Amazing. Grace.

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