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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

All is Calm

All is calm. All is bright.

Random reminders of Christmas scattered round the room: a bag of wrapping paper, cosy slippers and walking boots, a 2-year-old’s waterproof onesie. Empty stockings, a sagging tree, still crazy with lights and baubles and an oversized angel bending down.

An oversized angel bending down. I like the image of an oversized heavenly being bending down, detailed to give us all a helping hand. I love the truth that Jesus can call out his legions of these heavenly beings whenever he wants to. 

It’s been a tricky Christmas for many. A challenging year right round the globe. Tragedy and heartbreak, sorrow and loss.

But in the midst, Jesus has deployed his angels. We are probably rubbing shoulders with them more often than we realise. With every breath, we inhale the fragrance of our Creator God, who loved the world so much, in all of its fallenness, rebellion and pain, that he gave of himself, the most precious Son whom he loves with a love that goes away beyond what we recognise as love. 

Others give of themselves to those they love. New parents with restless babies who are reluctant to settle down. Veteran parents with older children pushing at the boundaries. Those caring for the sick, the injured, the elderly, the dying. 

Rubbing shoulders with the angels. Today and every day. Thank you, Jesus.

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