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Friday, 9 December 2016

Joy in the Daily

Continuing on the theme of ‘mistakes’, we have just been blessed by one. The printer who produces the church magazine forgot that we can only afford black-and-white interiors, and gave us colour instead. What a great Christmas present! Contact Mag has never looked so vibrant.

I was helping sort Christmas cards for local distribution this morning. It’s a serious undertaking to organise this annual service, but given the camaraderie and banter in the ‘sorting office’ this morning, I think there is as much Christmas cheer in the work as there is in the envelopes.

At a time of turmoil in the world, it is rewarding to see joy and harmony in the everyday tasks we each do. Yes, we long for peace on earth and goodwill towards men, and we contribute to that moment by moment, in the little things we do each day. 
The light is already in the world, through Jesus living in our hearts.

Happy Advent.

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