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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Pure Gold

So I picked up a long-neglected cross-stitch and resumed where I’d left off a few weeks ago. As I worked, I realised that I’d faithfully stitched a golden trumpet, thinking I was using two shades of gold when, in fact, turns out I used the same shade twice. Hmm.

There are a few other wee anomalies so far, as there always are despite my best efforts to count carefully. 

‘It’s the mistakes that make it special,’ Don remarked, saving the day. 

Then I thought about the patterns of our lives. They don’t always – maybe ever – work out as we thought they would. But it’s as we offer the goofs and glitches and yes, even the heartaches, to the Creator God that he is revealed through those thin places where we messed up, or where life dealt us a blow, slightly altering the shades or shapes and giving us a depth of truth and understanding, love and compassion we would otherwise have never attained.

God has a plan, a plan for good, but if/when it goes awry through something in this fallen world, he reworks it to be uniquely beautiful.  Nothing can separate us from the love of our Saviour. Nothing.

And so that trumpet now is pure gold. Better than planned.

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