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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Shine, Jesus!

Texting a weather report to California requires care. If I just write that it is -5, it sounds a whole lot colder than it actually is. I need to add that little letter ‘C’, or -5 is understood as -22(F). 

It’s easy to get sloppy. To omit the odd word or phrase, to fail to recognise that the hearer/reader might express truths in a different way, a way which exaggerates or twists reality.

It’s easy to get sloppy with our behaviour, too. To forget that others are reading our every word and action, scanning us to see if we are true to Who we say we believe in. 

Christmas is yet another opportunity to let the transparent hope found in the manger and on the cross shine through our actions and attitudes. With our backs to the crass commercialism we can readily sigh with wonder as we marvel at the gift of God.

The light of the world is in the world. Shine, Jesus, shine!

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