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Friday, 11 August 2017

Broken Noses

Sheena stopped her car as she passed Mary and me walking along the road. We got a shock. Her eyes were fading purple bruises; she sported a plaster on the bridge of her nose. The raccoon look.
‘What happened?’ we gasped.

She explained. As she carried a heavy watering can to the front of the garden, she caught her toe on a paving slab which stood slightly proud of the others. Pitching forward, still clutching the watering can, she slammed nose-first into the new picnic table they had just painted. She heard the cartilage as it snapped and blood gushed out. Pinching the bridge together, she cried out to her husband, and then spent a night in hospital while they assessed the damage. She’s now waiting for the swelling to subside so they can do some remedial work. Sheena is hopeful that by pinching her nose together, she will be spared the ‘rugby-player’s nose’ look.

The Bible encourages us to strengthen our feeble arms and weak knees and to make level paths for our feet, so that nobody will be hurt. I’ve been thinking a lot about the twisting paths of my personality and seeking to straighten them out and smooth them. I don’t want some errant trait of mine standing proud to trip up someone who is looking for God. John the Baptist called us to prepare the way for Jesus to enter into this world through us. No stones standing proud. 

Some paving slabs are pretty heavy. I need God’s help on this.

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