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Monday, 21 August 2017

The Lost Cow

The cows and their calves in the lower field were all lying down in the corner near the road. On the other side of the dyke, a lone cow grazed peacefully, happily munching the grass verge surrounding the field of barley.

We called the farmer.

The lone cow was not at all perturbed, but given the proximity of the herd I imagine the rest of the cows had been perturbed. Maybe anxious to get that straggler back. Maybe envious of her access to some tasty bites they weren’t getting. Possibly she had abandoned a calf in the other field, a calf who might want a wee drink before too long.

The farmer didn’t delay.

Reminds me of another story about a group of animals, one of whom got separated and lost. The shepherd didn’t delay either, and he didn’t give up until he found that lost sheep. 

Good to know.

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