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Thursday, 10 August 2017


Summertime. Gathered in the sun, in the Son. Sharing cake; sharing concerns; sharing joys. United in heart; united in mind; united in Spirit. 

Some of us eventually had to find shade. Too much sun and we’d be burned. Too much Son: impossible. 

We were a small group, but the others were in our hearts. We were a small group, but the concerns and troubles of the others were on our lips. We were a small group, but the chatter was noisy and the laughter never far away.

Next time we’ll start a study encouraging us and teaching us how to listen more effectively to God. If we can’t hear him, how can we know him? Next time we’ll open our Bibles. Next time we probably won’t eat so much cake and scones – apologies to those who missed the feast this morning!
God is good. In rain and in sunshine, he is good. 

He is especially good in sunshine.

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