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Friday, 4 August 2017


First impressions can be misleading. If we have a different point of view, we can dismiss others as narrow-minded, bigoted, or worse. This man and his wife came in to our house and were outspoken in their opinions, which muted us both in silent horror. But as the week has progressed, we have got to know this couple, to hear their reasonings, to listen to their experiences of life – very different from our own. We haven’t been persuaded to share their world view, but it has definitely broadened our understanding of how others can arrive at such a world view. And now, we would both say we like them. We appreciate their kind-heartedness. We admire their erudition across a broad sweep of subjects. We are amazed at their energy and their enthusiasm and positive outlooks.

People are nuanced, rarely are they black and white. But the world and I are quick to see in stereotypes and caricatures.

Jesus told us to take the plank out of our own eyes if we are to see clearly. Sometimes we’re not even aware there is a plank in our eye. But there is at least one in mine, and with God’s help we can get it out.

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