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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Tough Transitions

The grain stands ready for the combine, but the grey skies are full of moisture today. Where did that old sun go? As the trees begin to change colour, we are truly in transition mode.

Back to school weeks across Scotland mean excited wee folk, slightly scared, putting on their uniforms and heading off for P1. Even smaller, even more excited wee folk prepare for that first morning or afternoon at play group or nursery, and for them, there could be tears and tantrums at partings. So hard, transitions.

Teachers returning to work, after a summer of well-earned rest or headed back after maternity leave. A new regime, new stresses, new pressures. So hard, transitions.

I can remember after a three-month summer in the California sun, where my feet never wore anything more substantial than a t-strap sandal, to suddenly have to put on those new school shoes. My mother had a phobia of foot problems so we wore what they call in America ‘saddle shoes’, which my sister and I loathed. Lace-up shoes, sometimes two-toned, needing a polish every week and looking so clunky next to friends’ shoes which might have buckles and bows. So hard, the pinching shoes, transitions.

Other changes all around. Folk retiring. Folk starting new jobs. Folk being made redundant. New marriages. Bereavements.  So hard, transitions.

God is the only one who never changes. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is our rock and our refuge. Especially in the tough transitions.

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