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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Pots of Promise, delivered

Look at these beauties! No longer just a pot full of promise, these bulbs are delivering glorious fragrance and beauty now. After months of apparently slow growth, weeks of watching the buds appear and fill out, today these lilies are trumpeting forth into the sunshine! A gift from dear children for Mother’s Day, every time I look at them I trumpet forth praise to the Lord for the amazing family with which I’ve been blessed. A wonderful family which I don’t deserve. 

Some things take time to incubate, and they seem like they’ll never mature. We wait, and watch, and pray for things like a longed-for baby. And then, suddenly, the day comes and wow! Takes your breath away.

Our God is so good. May you find blessings in the big, and in the insignificant, today. Everything is a gift.

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