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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Fake news ... or Good?

Fake news ... or Good?

The white-gowned ‘doctors’ probed and cut and slit open the wide-almond-eyed cadaver as an inept cameraman filmed the autopsy. The autopsy of an alien invader, filmed in Roswell in 1947, the film makers claimed. Hmm.

‘God told me we should get married,’ the woman told our bachelor friend at church one day. Our friend blanched and blurted out, ‘Well, he didn’t tell me!’

Fake news, or good? Jesus spoke to the Father daily, and encouraged his followers to do the same. But our hearing can be a bit like a game of Chinese whispers. We hear something, perhaps a distortion of the truth, because we are hearing only with one of our senses and not corroborating it through engaging another sense. We hear in prayer, perhaps, but fail to corroborate it through Scripture or through the wise words of praying friends. 

God doesn’t want us to hear ‘Chinese whispers’ from him. He spoke loud and clear in Jesus, and he still speaks through his Spirit in us, but our hearing is imperfect, distorted by our own experiences, our own desires, our own understanding. 

‘Delight yourself in the Lord,’ Scripture advises, and don’t rely on your own understanding. God’s Word to us is Good News, and his Name is Jesus. May I be careful every day to pass on the Good News, by living out his precepts and endeavouring to follow in his steps, and by speaking out his words when they bless and encourage others. But may I be circumspect, too, and never pass on a version of the truth, imperfectly heard as if through a game of Chinese whispers.

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