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Friday, 8 September 2017

Over the Rainbow

Although the sky was fifty shades of grey, there must have been enough of a hole in the clouds to allow a shaft of sunlight in: we walked towards a weak, but visible, rainbow.

Life can be five hundred shades of grey sometimes, but through it all there will be a rip in the clouds, a shaft of light, and a rainbow. In every teardrop, a rainbow.

I’m thinking about friends and family struggling in tough times right now, but underscoring these thoughts is the low bass drone of a world in turmoil through man-made violence and through natural disasters. Myanmar and Yemen, Bangladesh and Houston, the Caribbean islands and Mexico, Syria and North Korea. And more. 

In all that, it’s hard to see a rainbow. I have to keep focused on the Light of the world. In him is the rainbow, and the promised land.

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