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Sunday, 10 September 2017

In the beginning...

In the beginning.

Sunday night. The beginning of a new week. I like to look at the shape of the week to come, of my week to come. Being a writer who needs loose time, time to fidget and dally and finally settle into writing mode, I welcome a week whose landscape includes some empty terrain. Rarely am I looking at such a landscape, but with a little planning I can usually squeeze pockets of it in, now and then.

Worst of all weeks are those pockmarked by meetings: it depends what meetings, I confess, because some meetings are great: creative and prayerful, and include spending time with people I know and enjoy. But not all are.  Not so keen on appointments, either, because those invariably involve valuable time spent in waiting rooms. Good idea to remember to take a book to redeem the time: note to self for tomorrow morning.

Great weeks are those dimpled with time spent with loved ones, and I am blessed with many loved ones within driving distance. It may not always be so, and not all of my loved ones are in driving distance, so I make the most of the moments. To spend time with wee ones, watching personalities develop and creativity spark is a blessing, pure joy. To spend time with grown ones who will always be my wee ones, is inspiring and, in the true sense of the word, awesome.

Great weeks include those where the appointments are with God and special praying friends. Soaring together in the Spirit. Yes.

Great weeks are also those celebrating love and life. Celebrating and remembering forty-two years spent with my soul-mate: enjoying memories of the ups, usually laughing at memories of the downs, and being full of gratitude for them all.

Yes, a great week coming up. Thanks and praise to God for those everlasting arms which have always held us safe.

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