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Monday, 4 September 2017

Bye Bye Swallows...

Swallows – oh, dear wee friends who sweep in and out of our barn for months, I see you’re prepping for a trip. You who bring an instant smile to my face whenever I see you, busy wee birds, chattering and swooping in and out of the barn building nests, feeding young, enjoying life! Now I see you diving and positioning yourselves on the lines, chattering away as you plan your route and decide who gets to be leader first. Ours will be a quieter place, our cars will be cleaner (slightly) vehicles, but our lives will be the poorer when you go. Can’t wait to see you after the winter storms have blown themselves out: see you next spring!

Consider the birds, Jesus advised. The Father loves them and knows them all. How much more does he love you? Does he love me? 

Today, know that you are loved, you are precious and held close in the Father heart of God.

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