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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Dog or Cat Food?

Why do the cats prefer dog food, and the dog prefers cat food?

Raising children, we quickly discovered that as soon as you told a child that something was off-limits, it was far more attractive than it had been when they thought it was ok. Does this perverse streak extend to the animal kingdom, too? 

I wonder if the Ten Commandments made some sins more attractive to people than they had been before they were so strictly proscribed. Paul made it clear that he believed the Law was impossible to keep, until the Holy Spirit was given to enable us to keep it better. In fact, his argument is that the Holy Spirit gives us the desire to keep the Law, because we love God more fully and want to do what he wants us to do, whereas without the Spirit, it seemed like a list of don’ts which were crying out to be broken.

I am so grateful for the gift of the Spirit. 

But it doesn’t really answer the profound question of cats and dogs preferring each others food...

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