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Monday, 21 May 2012

Over the Rainbow

Some days the longing for that elusive paradise over the rainbow is stronger than others. Some days it might be for myself, but other days it’s for someone I love.

That’s the thing about love. It has such capacity to bring joy, and such capacity to break hearts. In its pure form it is so generous, going way beyond emotion to practical action. No love purer than that of God for his children. Such love took Jesus through the appalling agony of the cross in order to get us ‘over the rainbow’. 

As Dorothy found out in The Wizard of Oz, ‘over the rainbow’ isn’t some distant future place but is here and now, because Jesus’ love takes us places we can only go with Him. His kingdom comes here and we can live in it now, and yet ...

And yet our hearts still ache for completion. For fulfilment. For the peace that comes when a mother hen has finally gathered in all her chicks under her wings and knows they are safe. For the peace that comes when the longings in our heart are met. 

His Kingdom will come in its complete form one day, when there will be no more sadness, no more tears, no more pain. But today, many an emotion-laden voice is crooning, ‘somewhere over the rainbow’. 

And I’m humming along.

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