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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Grace and Unconditional Love

I was strolling with the dog this morning. Her long hair makes it hard for her in the relative heat that we are enjoying at the moment, so walks are sedate and curtailed. 

The birds trilled in the trees. The cows sprawled in the fields, contentedly chewing their cuds. Birds of prey soared overhead; a cuckoo made its noise in the distance; a rooster crowed. 

The sun was warm on my face and I marvelled at how wonderful a life I am living. How blessed I am, and it is so totally undeserved. 

Why me? When millions live in oppression and persecution, in poverty and want, in fear and violent situations of disruption, in places where Jesus Christ is not even known – why do I enjoy such freedom to worship as I will, such peace and plenty.

For my answer I have to think it is found in Jesus’ words, that from those who have much, much will be required. 

Much in terms of financial generosity to those who suffer. Much in terms of time given to those who are lonely or troubled. Much in terms of prayer responsibilities – especially for all those who really will need it today.

Jesus’ love is unconditional. He will love me whether or not I satisfy all that is required of me, but I will be ashamed of myself if my insecurity curtails my giving, or my selfishness limits the time I am willing to spend with others.

May I be worthy of his gracious and unconditional love today, and discharge my responsibilities well.

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