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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A Millstone

I've had a couple of rather thrilling days on the motorways of southwest England, and also on some of the quaint highways and byways. It could have been disastrous fairly early on, when I hesitated at my sat nav's directions and circled a roundabout twice, suddenly realising I needed to exit and doing so without noticing the car right on my tail. But thank the good Lord, he must have had an angel buffering - in the old sense of the word - and no paint was exchanged between us, though I did get an irate blast of his horn and a dirty look which I deserved.

Sometimes in my spiritual life, I circle the same ground several times before recognising that the Lord is guiding me to change directions. It's a sobering thought that if I do it too suddenly, though, without sharing my intentions with those closest to me, I could be responsible for their faith crashing and burning while I go on my way rejoicing.

Obedience is a good thing I know, but best when accompanied by some explanation to those nearest and dearest who may find my new direction puzzling. Faith may be a private journey, but we are on it with the whole family of God's children.

I pray that I may never do anything so precipitately that others' faith crashes and burns as a result. Especially that of my nearest and dearest.

A millstone comes to mind.

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