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Monday, 14 May 2012

Of mice and peas

A couple of weeks ago I planted peas and sugar snap peas in the greenhouse. 

Now I’ve done this before, and I know there are wee mice which quite enjoy a snack of a dried pea or two. Our greenhouse is actually more of a shed, having had a football slam through the glass once or twice. The glass was replaced with Perspex, which has also been shattered, and therefore it’s an easy snack bar for rodents. So I took steps to thwart the incursion by placing the trays on upside down pots. Ah. Clever.

But not clever enough. It’s worked in the past, but this time, the dirt has been disturbed by wee paws and jaws, and new sprouts have been chewed right off. So yesterday I took remedial steps, bringing the trays into the conservatory, where there are no rodents. 

I expect to find a few peas sprouting over the next few days, but perhaps most have disappeared altogether and I shall need to replant.

I should have known better. Those wee mice are hungry, and they are pretty good climbers.
It made me think about planting seeds of truth in myself. I wonder how many seeds God has planted in me which have been chewed and gnawed by worries and doubts, rather than being nurtured and watered carefully.

I often blame the speed of life, responsibilities and to-do lists for snatching away the time I would like to spend nurturing the truths planted in me.

Seems to me Jesus told a parable about a sower, and what happened to the seeds which he planted.
Jesus didn’t mention mice, but he did speak of the busy-ness of life, of the troubles and distractions, which prevent seed from really taking root and growing to their full potential.

I’m preparing to replant the peas. And I’m also determined to centre myself completely on the Word which is planted in me, to water it with prayer and feed it with Scripture, and give it the sunshine of other believers’ fellowship and love, and get ready to harvest a crop.

I want to be part of the solution to the problems of a spiritually-starving world.      Don’t you?

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