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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Paths of Life

‘Make known to me the paths of life and fill me with joy in your presence.’ 

Sometimes it feels as if the path of life is leading straight into a dark wood, where it begins to disappear into dark holes and round knotty trees. It’s hard to see the way forward. 

In one aspect of my life I am at that point in the path. I am on a path I’ve not walked before, trying to make decisions for a loved one without being alarmist on the one hand nor negligent on the other. 

This line from Acts, quoting a psalm of David, was in my morning reading and is so appropriate to me. I shall be breathing it in prayer all day today, seeking the joy and peace only God can give.

May He acquaint you, too, with the paths of life where you are, and give you that deep joy as you recognize that you are in his presence, because he never leaves nor abandons you.


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