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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Drip drip or deluge?

Yesterday I wrote about the way a heavy rainfall runs off sun-caked mud, while a soft rain gradually renders the ground porous and able to soak up the water.

And I missed the point. I got close to it by thinking about our own individual witnesses as Christians to a non-Christian world around us. But tomorrow is Pentecost – the day the Holy Spirit drenched the early Christians in power from above and filled them with joy and love and confidence in the power of God to change things. 

There is a sense among many of us that God is preparing to move in a mighty way in this land of Scotland, and who knows – he might decide to start in Deeside. So it is our job to prepare the way, to plough up the ground, to cry out to God to soften the hearts of those who are so empty and lost in our area, so that they will recognize the reality and truth of God’s presence and love when he comes in power.

More prayer. Constant prayer. Hammering on heaven’s gates for our neighbours and friends and family. Drip-drip now, so when the deluge comes, many dry and thirsty souls will be refreshed and revitalised.

I’m off to pray as I walk the dog and enjoy the sun on another lovely day.

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