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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Bleeps and Buzzes

Who would have thought that a grown man or woman could move so quickly in response to a short bleep? 

But go anywhere these days and you can’t help noticing how many folks are responding to a variety of ring tones, bleeps and buzzes. 

My response is not always eager; it is often more akin to the way I answer the telephone...quite happy to let it ring but then slightly anxious that it might actually be someone I love needing me urgently.

Come away with me, Jesus invites us. Come away and just be. Be in the moment. Don’t be anxious about anything. Focus on me. 

I asked a young woman the other day what she thought about a certain church she had visited. Her response was an eager, “It changed my life.” She then proceeded to tell me about her close encounter with the living God, and how, as she focused on him, she realized just who he was, and just who she was. 

He is our Father, who loves us so much he sent his only son who he loved so much to save us. We are loved, even though we don’t deserve it. Even when we mess up. Even when we miss what he’s trying to tell us. 

And maybe we miss what he’s trying to tell us even more these days, because our ears are more attuned to certain bleeps and buzzes than they are to the voice of God. How sad he must be.

Today I’m leaving my phone inside when I go work in the garden for a wee while. And I’m going to listen for that still small voice, trusting that God can take care of the bleeps.

So if you’ve sent me a text and I’ve not responded – you know why.

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