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Thursday, 19 July 2012


We live in a self-indulgent world, and it is so easy to give in to the temptation to reward ourselves in many little and big ways. 

Last night I sank down onto the couch and picked up the iPad. I checked my emails. I had a game of Sudoku – good exercise for the brain. I scrolled through my apps. 

I opened one Robbie had put there. A site from his church in California with the most recent sermons and worship. I was surprised at the number of talks I could listen to, or music I could join in with. I clicked on one of the talks and sat for 50 minutes being refreshed and fed with challenging ideas.

I could have easily wasted those 50 minutes watching mindless telly. I was tired (when am I not tired these days?) and could have justified just slobbing out on the sofa. 

But for some reason I listened, was stimulated to thought, challenged to look deeper into some of the ideas, challenged to think more about my views and faith.

Choices are all around each of us every day. That is one of the privileges of living in the affluent west. We actually have opportunity; we actually have free time. It’s so easy to squander it.

I awoke this morning with a fresh determination to use my time wisely. It’s limited and one day it will run out, and I don’t want to regret time spent on useless, time-wasting activities.

Today I want to make the right choices.

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