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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Atmospheres, like Cat Hair, Cling

Atmospheres, like cat hair, cling.

I’ve just got up from the chair in the conservatory which the white cat, Amelie, favours. Yes, my jeans are covered in white cat hairs now. I’ll either have to get out the lint brush or just live with them until they fall off.

We have the power to create a good atmosphere in our residences or offices. As we rely on God, he empowers us with his peace and kindness, patience and love. These attitudes establish an atmosphere in the place, an atmosphere which is tangible.

We have a small B&B, and very often people who stay with us comment on how peaceful it is here. Of course some of that is due to the fact that we live in the middle of a field, where the only intrusive noises might be the munching of cows or the startled cries of pheasants. But some of it is intrinsic to the home and is due to the fact that this home has clocked up many hours of prayer and Bible study and Christian fellowship. God is invited to be the master of this house, and he is.

I have an alcove which is my prayer seat. As soon as I move into that alcove, I feel the sense of God’s presence, and I can settle into an attitude of study and prayer. I trust that when I move out of that alcove, the atmosphere of having been in Jesus’ presence comes with me.

Actually, I know it does, whether or not others sense it, because I know that when I have stepped aside to be with God for awhile, his peace and presence carry me through the day. 

I think I’ll go brush off the cat hair. But the atmosphere of God’s presence – I want that to cling forever.

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