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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Black Holes as Light Sources

Still thinking about that programme on quasars. Black holes which suck in matter and yet emit the brightest light anywhere in the universe.

I was thinking about Christians. If we are living as we are called to live, close to God, then we should have an effect on all which surrounds us. Perhaps sometimes we even might absorb things such as offenses and sins against us, forgiving them and the purity of that action emitting an incredible light.

I am remembering people who have had much to forgive. The father in Eniskillen whose 21 year old daughter was buried in a bomb blast alongside him. He lived, she died. His first words in an interview later were that he forgave her killers. He absorbed the hate and returned a bright shining light.

I think of all the stories I read recently in Desmond Tutu’s book, stories of victims forgiving horrendous crimes committed against them or their loved ones. Absorbing the violence, emitting the light.

Quasars seem to be unique, eating whatever matter strays into their gravity and burping out intense and enormous light.

Christians are also unique. I don’t know how easy it is to be a quasar (!), but to live such a forgiving Christian life is not easy nor always the norm, but should be the aim of us all.

With the help of Jesus.

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