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Monday, 29 September 2014

Colours of Autumn, No shades of Grey

The trees are beginning to go now, and maybe because we have had such a decent summer, with sunshine and warmth continuing even now, I feel happy to see the colours showing vibrant and varied. There is a season for everything under the sun, it says in Ecclesiastes, and when a season has been true to its expectations it is a joy to see one season segue into the next.

Not always like that in Scotland, and not always like that in life.

Very often we have cool or wet summers, grey and overcast and with temperatures barely warmer than what we might have in February. When the weather is like that, moods can continue grey and overcast too, and seeing the fall colours starting can be discouraging.

We think of the seasons of life equating with our age, so that the winter comes at the end. But some people are born with significant health problems which eliminate the hope of spring and the fulfilment of summer. Others have economic constraints or political upheavals which cut short the normal seasons which should be theirs.

I feel very blessed to have lived a life so far blessed with the orderly unveiling of the seasons. Now I am a gramma, and am very aware that this is a new season. I wouldn’t equate it with winter just yet though! More like the colours of autumn. Beautiful. Vibrant. Glorious. And also, a tinge of sadness, reminded that time does pass, and that I will not be here to enjoy the whole life of this beautiful granddaughter. 

The hope of a Christian’s autumn, though, and indeed her winter, is that round the corner is a springtime filled with flowers and hope, joy and freedom. In the colours of autumn, there are no shades of grey.

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