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Friday, 19 September 2014

Black holes

A programme last night on black holes challenged my intellect and amazed me. I am so inspired and impressed by the sheer breath-taking intelligence of scientists who search for truth in the natural world, through observation, theory, mathematical plotting, etc. I watch amazed, almost understanding and sometimes surprising myself as I pre-empt what is about to be revealed.

Thus as the narrator described how scientists discovered the black hole at the centre of our galaxy and have been observing a huge gas cloud which is gradually being eaten up by this hole, he said that nobody knows why black holes have such intense light at times nor what they really do. It seemed a possibility to me that the hole is almost a window onto a new universe perhaps, or galaxy, where matter from this universe is being birthed. 

He then cited that as a possibility, and equated black holes with quasars. I have never studied physics, and struggle to keep up, but just love this stuff. The sheer size of it all is mind-blowing and the intricate complexity, the way everything has a purpose and is serving other things, just points again to the certainty of an intelligent creator God. 

A powerful being who spoke the universe into being and breathes life into you and me. A God of love who creates for the sheer joy and pleasure of it, who loves without condition and encourages us each to grow as far as we are able – intellectually, spiritually, physically. 

Whatever one's feelings in the aftermath of the Scottish independence referendum, they have to be dwarfed by the beauty of life itself.

Life is such a gift, from such a Giver. I am so grateful.

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