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Friday, 5 September 2014


Squirrels are busy at this time of year, gathering and storing food to see them through the winter months which they know are coming. It is an annual event and they have a rhythm to their year which, if they ignore, will cause them suffering, misery, and probable death.

Nobody who has a radio, television or internet access can be unaware of the serious darkness that is palpably spreading across the Middle East, driving out life and light. Where this darkness will end is an unknown, but our need to stand against it is obvious. 

As Christians, we worship Jesus, the Light of the world, and now more than ever we need to be praying that his light will penetrate the deep darkness wherever it manifests, abroad or at home. We need to be vigilant and persevering in prayer and never give up.

Our faith should lead to action, and we should be speaking out against abuses, injustices, and discrimination wherever and whenever we see it. Secularism will reduce everything to a very low common denominator and we believers need to call out the gold in people, to refresh their memory of God or introduce them to him for the first time. We need to be more active than ever just now, like the squirrels preparing for winter.

And on a personal level, we should be storing up Scripture in our memories for a time when we might just not have Bibles lying all over the house. I’m speaking to myself there.

Jesus said to keep alert. Keep busy. Focus in on God, grateful that he has the power to change everything.

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