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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Expectations and Preparations

Political pundits proclaim a tight race in the Scottish referendum, where polls have the Yes and No sides running neck in neck with the Yes having a momentum surge. Rumours are that some individuals and businesses are shifting assets south of the border, just in case. Preparations.

I sat in my prayer window this morning and was amazed at the intense activity of dozens of birds, mostly swallows, swooping and swallowing breakfast to fuel them for today, and beyond, for they will soon line up and head south. 

Signs of the times. Jesus told us to be alert and to be aware of the signs of the times. Why? So we can recognise him and hear his voice and follow his lead. There are many ominous signs globally right now, with wars and rumours of wars, famines and murders and natural disasters. 

Much insecurity. Much to inspire fear.

But Jesus told us not to be afraid. Fear negates faith and faith drives out fear. I know I’d rather live and walk in faith than to be cowed and paralysed by fear.

So we’re not to be afraid but what else? We are to be ready, like the virgins trimming their lamps which were full of oil. We have a part to play in world events which involves more than sitting at the side and waiting for rescue. We are to be storing up truth, promises from Scripture, and speaking them out. 

There is power in the spoken word. We are not to believe the devil’s lies, but resist them and speak out the truth which Jesus is, which he has shown us. 

Speak out the truth. Speak words of life. There is power of life in the tongue. Use your tongue today to speak life into situations which seem dead. Speak life into relationships, into hopelessness, into political situations. 

Speak life. Jesus came that we might have life and have it to the full. Be filled with the Spirit and overflowing to all those around you. Faith. Hope. Love. Powerful weapons in the armour of God.

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