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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

A Pincer Movement of Grace

Though I walk through the valley of death...he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.
How we long for the safety of the sheep fold with walls around us and a gate secured by a watchman vetting those who want to enter and mingle among us.
The Christian life does offer such respite, sometimes. Peter preached to those on Pentecost, encouraging them to repent and return to The Lord so that they might experience times of refreshing in his presence.
But intrinsic in much of Scripture is the truth that we are to be 'out there' in the world, sometimes even in the valley of the shadow of death, sometimes passing amongst the wolves and robbers, but always confident in our Saviour and Shepherd to protect and guide us through it all.
The sheep need to hear his voice though, and in the cacophony of 21st century life and the distractions of social media particularly, the Shepherd can be sidelined and silenced. We can begin to assume that we are on the right path without checking the GPS of Scripture.
I say we. I mean I. I assume you may be like me, but maybe not. Maybe you are more disciplined, more focused, more aware of that still small voice than I am.
My situation at the moment has me crying out for guidance and to be honest, I am not hearing a very loud voice. What I am doing is praying, committing it to The Lord, and leaving the sheep fold every day, trusting that I need fear no evil, for Jesus is with me, up ahead perhaps and out of sight, but still providing all that is needed in this situation.
Yesterday I saw a pincer movement of God's grace as he provided through two trusted people. Things are not resolved. I am still operating from a position of uncertainty, in my mind. But I am learning every day how to trust him as I navigate this valley, following in his footsteps.
Life is a gift, an adventure, and a challenge. Thanks be to God.

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