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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Pressing on

Reading Philippians 3:10 this morning, I wonder just how serious am I about sharing in Christ's suffering? It sounds wonderful to know the power of his resurrection, but sm I really pressing on and in to his suffering and death?
Suddenly I see...sort of...what it means. I want to so thoroughly and completely die to self that I do forget my past and have just one thing in my sights: glorifying Jesus. It is only when I have totally died that I can be resurrected, even in this life in my spirit, so that I can live fearlessly, totally trusting in God and totally at peace with whatever comes my way.
It is encouraging that even the saintly Paul felt he hadn't got there yet. So maybe there is hope for me!
Jesus promises life to the full, and that can only be achieved in faith without fear, and fear dies when love comes in completely.
God is love, and his every inclination is to bless us. I am walking in the truth of that this morning.

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