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Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Peace. Shalom.
Something we all seek but which remains increasingly elusive to many of us.
I feel my stomach has been in the middle of a washing machine cycle now for the last week or two. Churning. Agitating. Stirring up. Exhausting.
The last couple of days have been the spin cycle and I thought that today we would complete the programme and move onto the next phase.
Instead we seem to have opened the door and discovered we need to start over again, but not yet.
Surprisingly, in the midst of this confusion and the vague sense that this decision to draw back is not sensible, I feel that sense of shalom. Of peace.
I asked Jesus this morning to put a stop to our plans if it would be better not to go ahead. That stop has come, so we move on.
More decisions to be made, but not with such immediate and rather overwhelming consequences.
So, peace.

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