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Thursday, 14 May 2015


This afternoon I will have the rare pleasure of hitting the 405 and heading towards LA, with a detour to pick up a dear friend. We are headed to Beverly Hills in rush hour traffic in order to see Mhairi in cabaret. A wonderful opportunity and we are excited.
I know where I am going, having driven there many times. Even so, I've checked google maps. I know where to park.
What I don't know is how long the journey time is, due to traffic conditions in is notoriously congested city.
Psalm 48 ends with a promise. 'For this God is our God for ever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end.'
Because of his presence with me and the words of the Bible, I know my destination. At the end of my life, Jesus will be there to take me on home.
But just like the traffic on the 405, the road through life may be congested. It may come to abrupt and unexpected halts. There may be delays which make me miss things which I had been planning for.
But in the end, I know that God is my guide. Whatever today's detours, distractions, or clear roads, I will arrive at the destination hopefully in time for the cabaret and an enjoyable evening.
Whatever the detours, distractions, delays, or clear roads in life, I will end up with Jesus.
Because God will be my guide even to the end.

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