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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Times of Refreshing

Spent a couple of hours in my overgrown garden tearing back dead daffodil leaves and opening up the roses to the sun and fresh air. All kinds of snails lurking in the shadows but now exposed and vulnerable...

There’s been a lot of rain apparently while I’ve been away, which has encouraged growth spurts mostly amongst the weeds. I’m just back from a drought-area, where lawns are turning brown and even the weeds are dying.

Water. Such a basic resource which we in the cooler and moister climes deride and take for granted. But all around me is verdant, green farmland, bursting with life. Even if some of it is monopods, still ...

Tomorrow is Pentecost. Times of refreshing from our God. Good and plentiful soft rains to foster growth in my spirit. Alert to the possibility of weeds sprouting as well. So grateful that God is the gardener. 

Excited to be heading to the Cherish conference in Leeds this week. Looking forward to the refreshment of losing myself in worship and praise.

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