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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Happy Groundhog Day!

Happy Groundhog Day! 

Best known for its appearance in the eponymous movie, since when it has the connotation of a day of tediously repeated monotony. Times in my life when the repetition of chores has made me mutter something about it being Groundhog Day – just last November as we worked against the clock to prepare my mom’s house for sale, for instance. I think any mother or father whose sleep is constantly broken by a crying baby can feel caught in a Groundhog Day scenario.

In the movie, the actor was stuck on repeat because of his aggressive and offensive attitude. The ‘spell’ was only broken as the truth slowly dawned and he recognised his character needed improving. He changed his attitude and became a better person, and then he was freed to move on in his life, which looked a lot different than it had before.

We can make our own prisons and find ourselves stuck in them. Recognising the walls we’ve built round ourselves, wanting them destroyed so we can move out into the light ... it’s called repentance. By God’s grace, when we turn from those things in us which bind us, Jesus sets us free to move out into life in all its fullness. Stepping into his freedom now.

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