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Monday, 8 February 2016

Rough Roads

They are thinning a forest nearby. Heavy machinery has thundered up and down a dirt track and it is now a very wide, very rutted muddy mess. As I walked just now, I had to focus on the ground in order to plan the best path and avoid slipping into the puddles of muck. 

I came out round the back, still rutted but the obstacles were rocks and roots rather than slippery mud. Still required some attention but not so much. I could focus on the horizon and still have the path in my peripheral vision enough to navigate without mishap. 

Finally I was back on the tarmac, and I could forget about the path altogether and just walk on.

Sometimes life takes us through the muck, and we have to focus on life in order to get through it safely. Sometimes we walk among familiar challenges which still have potential to trip us up, but which we can keep an eye on without giving them our total focus. Sometimes we walk a smooth road, paved and prepared for safe travel. 

As long as we walk with a Faithful Companion, we should arrive safe.

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