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Monday, 29 February 2016


Too many balls in the air. 

Monday morning, following a restless night filled with thoughts of a myriad of responsibilities of things needing done this week. Some of the things are absolutes. Tax forms. Financial planning for my mother. (AARGH to both of those!) Meetings, appointments, a writing assignment. Babysitting!

Entwined within those I choose to do some things that revive my spirit and give me life. Spending time with God. Top of the list – not because it’s a duty but because it keeps things in perspective and reminds me of who I am in Christ. Meeting a friend to swim – not my favourite sport, I have to admit, but good to keep moving and also to engage with friends. 

My life often looks like tangled trunks – today it feels like tangled trunks. Important to take time to prune so that the things I do receive the attention and nurture they need to grow straight and strong. I think I need to retreat and rest, prune and be revived.

I was never much good at juggling.

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