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Monday, 22 February 2016

Vivid Dream

I boarded the aircraft and was directed to a sort of jump seat in the cockpit. The pilot was there pushing buttons and things. I was really excited, though I also had a vague sadness tugging at my emotions, a sadness about leaving and going away.

I was just settling down when something made me realise that I had no passport. I engaged in a frantic search but to no avail. The pilot looked sympathetic but said it was just five minutes to take off. I rushed off the plane thinking I would get a quick passport picture taken and then realised that of course I needed all the accreditation that goes along with a normal passport. 

Mixed with the sense of disappointment (think I was on my way to Paris) was relief that I was not leaving loved ones behind. I woke up to ponder the meaning of this dream.

This morning I read Galatians 4:6. ‘You are adopted by God. God sent the spirit of adoption into your hearts, so that you would call out loudly, “Dad, Father!” 

I don’t need a passport to enter the Kingdom of God. Or rather, I do, but he is the Holy Spirit who lives in me. A sort of biometric passport to attest to my credentials.

I don’t have to disembark after all.

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