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Monday, 1 February 2016

Wind Power

The unrelenting rush of wind powers around this house, whines down the chimney, whistles through the vents. The effect on me is to root me firmly to my seat. I’ve no desire to be buffeted and bashed by flying detritus nor feel the insecurity in every step as I push against a raging wind.

Suddenly I remember being a child, exhilarated by the strong Santa Ana winds which blew in from the desert occasionally. I remember the laughter and sheer joy of feeling the power of the wind in my hair, blowing my skirt, tearing at any papers I might be clutching as I walked home from school.

Is it the cold edge on the northeastern Scottish wind that puts me off, or have I lost some of the sheer joy of embracing every new day with bravado and expectation of good?

A one-year-old is (hopefully) unacquainted with the pains which may accompany a rash move. They crawl up the stairs with no thought as to what will happen if they decide to take a rest and sit back. They reach up to grab the edge of that bit of cutlery that juts out over the corner of the counter, not realising that the sharp blade of the knife could do them irreparable damage. They need constant monitoring to protect them from danger.

It’s a challenge to help them maintain their courage while gaining worldly wisdom.

God has that challenge with each one of us. The adverse winds of life can so intimidate us that we avoid all risk. In avoiding all risk, though, we miss out on a lot of beauty and exhilaration. 

A few years ago I snorkelled at the Great Barrier Reef. Cautious in the water because I am not a strong swimmer, I prayed hard for God to set me free to enjoy the experience and not be intimidated by the vast horizon of nothing but ocean. He did. He set me free and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

We are considering a holiday in an area where danger is not far away. A wind is blowing which disturbs my peace about this, but my prayer is that God will restore that peace and give me real joy in the experience. The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it. He guides and protects and delights in our embracing every experience with expectation of good, and joy.

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