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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Another magical afternoon

Another magical afternoon with my favourite nearly-two-year-old. Oh what a joy to be Gramma!

Today the sun shone as only a summer sun can, warm and inviting, so off we wandered towards the community play park. It’s a couple of weeks since I’ve taken Flick there and I was amazed to see her confidence as she headed up the ladder unaided, and also tried out the short climbing wall. 

We strolled home through the housing complex, where anything might demand closer inspection – a playhouse in a neighbour’s garden, or a gurning baby in the next garden. 

How much detail we miss when we press on through our days, driven by deadlines and rushed by agendas. My dad used to counsel me to take time to smell the roses. I’d add to that, take time to see things through the eyes of a child. 

We live in a breathtaking world, the gift of God. Let’s take better care of it.

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