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Thursday, 4 August 2016


Never thought I might one day claim a ‘herbaceous border’ as my own, but this is a pretty good effort. Mainly thanks to a neighbour and friend who spent Friday mornings one summer digging alongside me, suggesting plants, identifying problems, helping me to envision some sort of order to the chaotic growth at that point.

This morning I was privileged to be part of a prayer focus on healing, and one participant had a picture of the battle in which Moses had to have a friend on either side of him holding his arms in the air. When his arms were up, the battle went his way; when they dropped with exhaustion things went pear-shaped. 

Walking each other home. Holding up each other’s arms in the midst of the storms of life. In sorrow or celebration, just being there for each other. Perceiving the vision; taking the long view and sharing hope and expectation in the God we can trust in everything. 

Thank you to all who have held my arms aloft at various times, who have dug alongside me and planted, who are walking me home. The fragrance rises to heaven. God bless you.

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