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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Cold Feet and Goose Bumps

Don’t you just love it when you draw back the bedroom curtains when you get up and see a faultless blue sky with the sun blazing in the middle of it? A California girl still at heart, to me that invites t-shirt and cropped trousers: even after forty years in this lovely northern country I have not learned that the sun and blue sky do not always signify heat.

I need to look at the other signs out there. The foliage draining of its vibrant green and transforming into a palette of fall colours. The rowan berries clustering thick and beginning to darken. The rhubarb shrivelling and the unplucked spinach shooting to flower. 

Some signs are easily seen and subconsciously obeyed. STOP. GIVE WAY. NO ENTRY.

Others are more subtle, more easily overlooked or ignored. 

Often we see what we want to see, but that leads only to cold feet and goosebumps.

Jesus counselled us to be alert to the signs of the times.
Today I pray that my eyes will engage with my brain and I will get the full story in every situation I encounter.

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