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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Roller Coaster ...

Sometimes the roller coaster of life plunges downhill at breakneck speed, and all one can do is hang on. It can be exhilarating, or not.

The one thing that really suffers during hectic and disrupted schedules, I notice, is good times with God. I admire those whose daily routines always include time with God. I am not good at maintaining routine no matter what, so this has been a week thin on devotional moments.

But God’s grace isn’t there just for those who maintain their quiet times no matter what. His grace is there for me, too, and I have seen his loving trademark stamped all over these last days. Laughter and smiles. Friendships renewed and deepened. Scorching sun beaming out of blue skies. The breathtaking beauty of a ripening summer’s day. The unbridled joy of a two-year-old as she chases butterflies and admires cows and sheep.

The roller coaster car is rolling along at a more sedate pace now, and I expect to make my date with my Maker tomorrow morning. Meantime, I can lie down and sleep assured of his love and care, no matter my shortcomings.


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