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Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Sometimes I am bothered with the flashing lights of a migraine, but thankfully, over the last few years, once they stop, it’s over. There is no lingering headache, for which I am very grateful.

Just prior to the flashing lights, I notice a blurring of focus. A sort of alert to expect incipient prisms of colour dancing round the periphery of my vision. I have learned over the years that if I choose to continue reading or writing or doing close work of any kind during these episodes, it is possible as long as I focus on the centre of my vision. One word at a time sort of thing. If the light show becomes too distracting, it’s time to close my eyes and wait it out. After twenty minutes or so my vision is restored.

Life is full of flashing lights. Things entice me away from my focus and if I am not disciplined, I can easily wander from my purpose and become caught up in all sorts of other things. Things that may be good, too, but that may not be what I should be focused on at this moment in time. 

I need discipline. Actually, I need the Holy Spirit to help me discern which are the flashing lights, and what is the focus for this moment, this hour, this day. There are times when I go with the flashing lights, and am left with the migraine headache. How weak I am, and how much I need to rely on God to help me make the right decision.

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