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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Blue Tractor

The powerful blue tractor roared into the field of grass, lowered its sharp cutting edge and started a methodical sweep round the field surrounding our house. My little granddaughter, frightened by the noise and ferocity of the vehicle, was equally mesmerised and drawn to watch its every move...from the safety of my arms.

So we began a circuit of movement within our garden and then out onto the driveway and behind the barns in order to keep the grass-cutting tractor in sight. Felicity, cautious by nature, was happy to be carried through the nettles and thistles behind the barn in order to keep an eye on the tractor.

Safe in my arms. Trusting me to be caring for her and in trusting me, her vista was expanded and she saw much more than if she had run for the shelter of the house or tried to fight her way through the overgrowth behind the barn to see the action on her own.

God so longs for me to trust him with my safety, so that he can show me things which otherwise I cannot, or will not, see. Felicity just wanted to watch the tractor; I want to partner with God to help bring his kingdom of justice and love to the earth, as it is in heaven. To do that, I suspect I need to allow myself to be carried sometimes.

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