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Monday, 22 August 2016

Another summer day

Another summer day. Where I come from, one might observe that it was another rainy day. We seem to remember the rare days more clearly than the usual fare. Or do we? Maybe it’s the other way around – we remember the traumas more clearly than the triumphs. Or ... 

We choose what we remember. We choose what we notice. Today I choose to remember the good. The crossword this week asked for a word which meant the tune played above a ‘ground bass’. Not sure what that even means and we didn’t get the word (yet). But whatever the word, I think the ground bass is the everyday stuff, some of it negative, which drones on through life. We can choose to hear the glorious melody rising above it, to join in and sing with it, or we can focus on that blinking bass. 

I’m going for the melody. That’s what Jesus did. Boy did he ever have an ominous ground bass grinding away through those last three years of his life but in the Gospels we are blessed to see his joy, his light, his life. 

I’m going for Jesus. With his help.

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